It’s only fitting that my first post since March be the first of 2014

Dear Internet,

Please excuse Emily’s absence from Blogging. She landed a full-time job with good benefits back in April 2013


her daughter moved out shortly after she found the new job


The Eldest Boy started seeing a nutritionist for his lack of interest in eating


The Eldest Boy started middle school (!!!!!)


she adopted another dog


she met a wonderful man

so her schedule has been rather cram-packed with shuttling people to and fro, and trying to keep up with The House.



4 thoughts on “It’s only fitting that my first post since March be the first of 2014”

  1. Yay for these good things! I hope the Eldest seeing a nutritionist is helpful, and YAY full time job with benefits! – not to mention meeting man-type people.

    1. Seeing the nutritionist has been moderately helpful; I’ve given her some good recipes and insight as to how we add fat to a kid who quite simply does not like to eat. Her contribution to our diet has been in the form of dietary supplement shakes and regular weighing/measuring to see how he’s growing. Evidently “like a damn weed” is not a medical term…

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