There’s nothing going on.


Except that I had to take the stuffing out of all the sofa pillows and wash each batch of stuffing individually because I tried to wash the pillows and they didn’t get totally clean OR totally dry and stunk to high heavens and now I need to go buy zippers because I’m so totally NOT going to seam-rip every 3-6 months when they need cleaning again.

Except that I made a hula hoop (post coming, pinky sweah) but it’s too small for me and The Youngest decided it’s his.

Except that it’s been really REALLY too cold to get out and play in the dirt, so The Garden is still a concept in my mind.


3 thoughts on “There’s nothing going on.”

  1. Oh, I so hear that. For some reason, the question, “What’s new?” has been driving me crazy! Don’t get me wrong – I like mundane, day-to-day things and sometimes “boring” is good, you know? I’m grateful we’re not busy with crap-awful things (other than my self-diagnosed annual winter battle with S.A.D.). But yeah, I feel like I don’t have anything super exciting/fun to report. Solidarity, sister! 🙂

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