Moderate baking success

I haven’t properly introduced you to herman. Herman’s been hanging out in my fridge for a few days.


He and the gulp cup have become BFFs, I think.


When you open the jar, an interesting aroma tickles your nose. It’s the clean smell of well-fed yeast.


And here’s Herman on my stovetop, rising. It’s a regular yeast party in there!


The “moderate success”. Dense, with a decent enough crumb but not a whole lot of flavor. The recipe didn’t call for a second rise in the pan, but I certainly should’ve done one. Also should’ve lined the pan with something/anything. I’m not used to cooking with stoneware and the bread stuck quite firmly to the pan. I’m letting a second batch rise on the stovetop overnight, and I’ll pan it in the morning. I was going to make rolls with it, but I’m so disappointed with the bread that I want to try it again.

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