Garden 2012 – the big yawn

My rosemary lost its leaves. I made the mistake of shocking it – stuck it outside with no hardening off period. The blazing hot spell was just too much. The branches are still supple, so I’ve brought it in and I hope hope hope it comes back. If not, I guess I can get another one…

The thyme is going gangbusters, but I keep forgetting that I even HAVE it. Obviously, this means I haven’t been cooking with it. Same thing with the sage plant.

Stevia was an interesting experiment, but I’m not sure if I’ll be doing it again. We shall see…

The outdoor creatures got my strawberries again this year.

Only one tomato plant survived. It’s producing some fruit, so I’ll take it LOL.

And finally, my black soldier fly compost heap failed miserably. Lessons learned: next time place it under the tree and make sure the thing drains appropriately. (I don’t have that really pretty Aerobin that Jaden uses. I used a rubbermaid tote with a lid & holes drilled for drainage).

It’s time to plant the fall stuff if I want it, and…I’m not sure if my heart can take the frustration.

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