Meal Plan Monday

Have you heard of this concept??!!?? There are people who actually….PLAN…what they’re going to serve their families. And they make this plan for an entire WEEK! The mind: boggled.

So I decided to give it a whirl and wrap my brain around planning a weeks worth of meals. Honestly, it gave me a bit of a headache.

First I decided to get the boys involved. We need to eat healthier as a family, and we need to get through a rather interesting set of food issues. I’m going to have the boys keep a food diary, and we’re re-introducing a whole load of tastes and textures. We’re also discussing how foods can be VERY different but have things in common (pizza has sauce, cheese and crust. Spaghetti has noodles, sauce and cheese. See? two things in common.)

Then I wrote the meal plan down in my book, made sure we had all the ingredients…and we went for it.

The first thing that I noticed is…our plan cannot be set in stone, with the exception of the rare crockpot meal. Our schedule is subject to change at a moment’s notice these days: when “Hurry up and get your homework done so we can go to the Y” gets homework done inside of 30 minutes, you can bet your sweet bippy WE ARE GOING TO THE Y.

Hurdle #2 showed up on crockpot day. I decided to make mac & cheese in the crockpot. Great idea on the “get kids to try different versions of familiar foods” goal list, HORRIBLE idea on a day that I had to work.

I poured all the ingredients in the crockpot, told the sitter to lift the lid every 30 minutes and stir, and it should DEFINITELY be done by dinnertime.

I got home from work and was slammed in the head by the smell of over-browned cheddar. The sitter looked at the crockpot and said “oh, it’s still got three more hours to cook!!! The boys ate pb&j for supper!”


It was a burned, curdled mess in my crockpot. Turns out the sitter doesn’t know how to cook.

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