Late in luck but tasty just the same

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Last week was Chinese New Years. What better time to eat for luck?

The courage to actually COOK (as opposed to ordering takeout) came from Jaden Hair. Her Mother’s Famous Chinese Egg Rolls is the most thorough (yet accessible) egg roll recipe I’ve seen. Jaden was kind enough to post an entire list of Chinese New Year’s recipes, so I decided to combine that with my need to get the boys to try new foods.

When I decided I wanted to cook, the menu was going to be: Egg Rolls, Beef & Broccoollii noodles, and the Pear & Shrimp Stirfry.

See? Shooting for balance here, people!

And then reality kicked in. On a day where I spent most of the morning at the gym, then took the boys for their therapies and THEN stopped by Mama’s for a quick visit…a whole lotta cookin’ wasn’t going to happen. A choice had to be made… and it was made based on the fact that shrimp thaw faster than beef (I’d put the meat in the freezer to help firm it up for slicing…and then left it there. OOPS!)

So. The Fresh pear and shrimp stirfry for me, and pizza for the boys.

It was….delicious. Amazing. I was SO afraid that the shrimp would be rubbery (I’m paranoid about overcooked shrimp, y’all.) but it.was.perfect.

There is just one problem. The recipe says “serves 4 as a side”.

There ain’t no way. I ate the whole thing.


Next week I’ll do the beef & broccoli and egg rolls. I might even take pictures!

And even if it fails massively, at some point I *will* try this:

Doesn’t that look like FUN??!!??

Yeah. I know. A girl can dream though, right?

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