Haphazardly yours

I had an awesome blogpost halfway written in my head last night. Unfortunately, I was also warm and comfycozy under my covers and SO NOT COMING OUT.

So you get this.

Because I forgot the whole thing. There’s not even a whisper of a faint memory. I just remember that it was going to be an awesome post.

School is going well. It’s a much more solid semester than most of my previous ones. I just have to…decide on a major.

Y’all, I have a difficult time deciding on what paint to put on my bedroom walls – deciding where to focus my degree program has gone from a vague idea to downright impossible.

I want it all. With sprinkles on top.


I’ve started cooking again. So far, the problem has become that I make a recipe and I’m the only one that eats it.

I do not love leftovers. ((Unless it’s a dish that involves planned leftovers. Soup and beans taste better the next day.))

You can see the conundrum. I cook, eat, and decide that I don’t want anymore.

And yes yes, I know I could stick it in the freezer until I decide I want it again. The issue there is…I usually don’t want it again until the frozen leftovers are completely inedible.



The boys are doing moderately well in school. ((Meaning they still go every day.)) I’m trying to get things worked out so that I’m homeschooling them in addition so that any holes in their education are plugged.


And that’s all I have right now.

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