Shopping Frustrations.

Today, I walked into a store with every intention of buying a light, springy skirt and heels to go with it. I walked out of the store disturbed and headachey.

There were no skirts in the store. At all. A rack of fugly formal dresses on clearance, but


I thought This can’t be right and walked back to the front of the store and walked past every rack. Pants, jeans, capris, yoga pants, I don’t WANT any of that, I want a skirt and heels. I’m sick of jeans and work uniforms and tennies.

And then I left – with the promise that I won’t be back to that store again.

4 thoughts on “Shopping Frustrations.”

      1. Can you sew?
        I’m usually disappointed in what I see in stores (especially this time of year) so I end up picking a pattern and a nice fabric and making my own flirty spring skirts.
        I’m not sure if I feel more purple or green this year, we’ll see whats out there. 🙂

        1. I can, but I get frustrated easily. I like swishy handkerchief hemlines, and I *always* jack it up. Of course, I also don’t have a dressmaker’s form either – I’m blaming my inability to get the skirt to hang properly on that. 😉

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