Posting because

Eliza told me to!

Shortly after I posted that the universe had a sense of humor, it proved that I had the gift of understatement. I spent nearly 24 hours straight in bed, too sick to lift my head. Orientation at school? Didn’t make it. First day of class? Fuhgeddaboutit.

We’re all mostly better, but have that annoying sorta-congested throat clearing cough.

I have a job interview next week, and I went shopping today to see if I could score a new suit. I’ve tossed nearly every single item of clothing in the closet – once a month or so, a new suit will be purchased. (ASSuming, of course, that I have more successful shopping trips than I had today!)

What? You wanna hear about it? It was an awful nightmare 🙁

The first thing I bought was a pair of running shoes. It took me forever (and a sacrificed fingernail) to find a pair that fit and was comfortable.

Left the shoestore and went to Cato Plus. I will never ever walk into this store again. The salesclerk snubbed/ignored me (I said “Hi” and smiled, she walked on about her business). There were no interview-quality suitlike outfits in the store anyway.

Left Cato Plus and went to Kohl’s (on Mom’s advice). By the time I FOUND the Women’s department, I was dizzy and nauseous due to the combination of store lighting, perfume department, and buzzing noises here and there. I walked through the department, and realized I was getting too pukey to actually try anything on.

Finally, I went to The Evil Empire. At this point, I know that finding an Interview Suit will not be achieved, but I will look and I Will Find SOMETHING. Drop off my script, make sure I have the grocery list out, and head to the Wimmin’s department.

Hallelujah, they’re clearancing out some things! I go rifle through the rack and find a pair of black pants with white pinstriping, and two blouses. First blouse looks horrible. Take it off and make a note to check for next size down. Second blouse looks worse than the first. And the pants? Oh my gawd the pants….they looked horrible. Details aren’t important….other than to say ARGH!

So I went to buy groceries and I’m trying another store tomorrow.