New feature – Wednesday Walk through the Blogosphere

On my usual stroll through the blogosphere, I came upon some interesting things.

Trey talks about accomplishments. Check the extended entry for my own puny lil list.

Kate proves that she really IS a Venomous Biatch (I’m not jealous. Not in the least.).

Erica tells us all where she’s been, complete with map. I’ll do mine in a separate entry 🙂

Kelley shares the joys of parenthood.

Jason has a miscoded “About Me” page, but makes up for it with cuddlyness

Tanya gives us The Nutcracker Ballet (or a reasonable facsimilie thereof)

Shannon waxes poetic on the weather.

Lori has put a voodoo curse on your cell phone. Maybe she’s been using one of these?

And that concludes my walk around the blogosphere for today 🙂 I’ll have more fun stuffies for you next week!

English feminist Mary Wollstonecraft wrote “Vindication of the Rights of Women”

Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic alone.

Vaudeville performer Walter Nilsson rode across the United States on an 8 1/2 foot unicycle.

Successful merchant Cyrus West Field retired at age 33 to devote himself to laying the first transatlantic telegraph cable.

John Knowles published A Separate Peace, which was immediately successful.

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote his essay, “Nature,” encouraging readers to see the miraculous in the common.