I’m a happy girl :)

Mom went to work today, so it’s just me and the kids today. I found out yesterday that I have 11 months to get my stuff together and get outta dodge – Mom’s retiring when she gets her 15 years in, and that’s in December. She drives me crazy when she stays home on a long weekend, I can’t *imagine* staying here with her full-time.

So, toward that end, much as I hate the idea of leaving Joe so young, I’ve gotta suck it up and go back to school. And the moment I graduate, I need to move *minimum* across the state – but I’d prefer to be a few states away. We get along MUCH better when the folkies have to call before they show up, and then stay for a limited amount of time. Plus, having me so far away makes them travel more. Even though my brother is on the west coast, they only go out that way twice a year or so – and then it’s straight to his house, stay a few days, then come straight home.