Are you ready for Christmas?

Are you ready for Christmas?

Well are you?

No, I’m not ready. We moved in July; I have found only one box of ornaments and still need to buy a new tree.

No, I’m not ready. I need to be able to shop when the kids aren’t with me AND aren’t home waiting for me.

No, I’m not ready. The corner that the tree is going in? Still full of boxes.

And I still need to find a mantel. And all of our stockings.

Aren’t you glad you asked??!!??


Strep two weeks before Thanksgiving, upper respiratory crud before Christmas.

My abs are sore from coughing. My voice crackles worse than a prepubescent boy’s.

I went to the Dr. when it became obvious that I wouldn’t be able to work (I talk on the phone for a living) and won a steroid shot, cough syrup*, and a reminder to drink lots of fluids.

(she giggled and told me I MIGHT have been overly optimistic about my ability to work & sent me home)

We don’t have a tree up yet; I keep debating real vs artificial whilst coughing my brains out. Artificial = cheezy campiness. Real = wheezing wheeziness (possibly)

But I guess I should probably get right onnit, right?

Turkey Day

I don’t actually know who’s coming to my house to eat. I’ve had three cancellations, one “maybe” that never confirmed, and one “my date is very very hung over, we’ll be late”.

Right before I moved, I found a steal of a deal on the Hamilton Beach 18 qt roaster oven with buffet pans. It has quite effectively saved my Thanksgiving dinner plans. My previous oven was so large I could cook the turkey AND the sides all at once. It never occurred to me to measure the inside of the oven in the new house.


I need more sauce pots OR to do a better job of planning.

And speaking of planning, I *also* need to remember to do a redundant backup of the backup and post it online somewhere. I had a plan on my phone, complete with schedule and pot assigned to recipe

…and then my phone died

…and then I took it to the phone store so they could look at it

…and they didn’t bother telling me they closed at 7

…and they’re closed today.


So let’s recap, shallwe? I don’t know who’s coming to dinner, my phone is locked in a store so I can’t answer if someone DID call me, and I don’t know when everything is going to be ready to serve.

Countdown to Turkey Day 2015: Day Off Edition

Shopping is happening today. Cleaning is happening today. Painting is DECIDEDLY happening today. Organization will eventually happen today.

I need to put things in order though; right now things are whirling through my brain like a squirrel on speed. It’s both awesome and nauseating…

Yes, I said painting is happening today. Not rooms though – furniture. I have shelving units to be hung in the livingrom, and a dresser to convert into an entertainment center. THEY need to be painted.

The organization of my day needs to be maximized for daylight AND office hours. (I still need to go to the DMV and change my address. HEH.)

I went back over the menu and realized there are several things missing. There’s going to also be a green pea salad, green beans, and roasted root vegetables.

Speaking of, I’d better get started! *mwah!*

Countdown to Turkey Day: Guests & Menu

Sorry I’m late!!!!! (This was meant to post earlier)

The dining room has stayed clean, chairs are all located. I still need to assemble the “kid table”.

The guests have been invited.

The menu has been mostly decided: Turkey, ham, gravy, deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, gingered carrots, dressing, and cranberry sauce. Dessert will probably be pumpkin bread pudding.

I need additional serving dishes and to decide if I’m serving family-style or having a banquet line.

Countdown to Turkeyday: New House Edition

It’s my first Turkeyday in the new house.


The good news is the dining room is mostly clean. The bad news is I now have to KEEP it that way for the next 2 1/2 weeks. I also need to set up the other dining room table for the kids.

And fight the urge to rip the carpet up and paint the walls and put laminate down. Fight HARD.

I’ve started a “soft menu” spreadsheet, not only noting what we simply MUST HAVE or it won’t be Thanksgiving, but if I need a pan/serving dish of a particular size.

Many many thanks to Heather at Home-Ec 101 for having an easy-to-follow plan (and for reminding me to write!)

Help me find this cartoon

There was a straight line, in love with a dot.

The dot tried to dance with the straight line, but all the line could do was seesaw back and forth and drop the dot (or it simply rolled off)

The dot then went to dance with a scribble (breaking the straight line’s heart, of course). The scribble dropped the dot too, just not as often.

Then the straight line discovered it was capable of making fractal/ kaleidoscope designs that were much nicer looking than the scribble, and the dot rolled over to dance THAT way

And they danced happily ever after.

…welcome to my autistic mind. I only saw that cartoon once, which is why I don’t know the title or studio.

Update: clearly my google-fu was weak on this one. The cartoon is called The Dot and the Line, and you can see it riiiight here: