Learning to Fly Again: The Updatening

It’s been WELL over 4 weeks since I started an adjusted version of The Fly Lady’s housecleaning routines.

For those unfamiliar with The Fly Lady (ARE there people unfamiliar with The Fly Lady??!!??), each section of the house is broken into zones, and you spend a week focusing on one zone. There is also a 15-minute intensive project each day in that zone.

The first week was (of course) GANGBUSTERS. I was stoked to Get This House Clean – and I slid in at zone 2 – the Kitchen. The boys helped here and there. It helped that since I JUST moved there was no decluttering to do – there is nothing in my house more than 6 months old (other than dried beans & pastas). It was easy to fit everything into my regular routine.

It helped, significantly, to have that 15 minutes of FOCUSED time on a specific part of the room. It helped a WHOLE LOT to have a “to do” list to check things off. I didn’t have to do a lot of personalization to that particular list to make it fit with what I have. I got my room freshened up, acceptably clean, and as comfy as it can be considering I still need to acquire some major furniture pieces.

I got a little OCD about setting a timer for 15 minutes and doing something for EXACTLY 15 minutes.

The second week was harder. The zone included rooms that have barely been touched since we moved in (and will continue to remain untouched until I get the rest of the house up to speed). It’s also at this point that I realized the “todo” part of the Cozi app has things like “polish furniture” (HAHAHAA) and “clean top of sewing machine”. CLEARLY I missed some things when I was customizing the schedule…

The third week was….PMS week. Bloated, uncomfy, unmotivated to do anything other than sit. I checked the boys out of school Thursday & went to the beach for the weekend – which torpedoed the rest of the calendar.

No big, we’ll just pick it up next week, right?



Nononononono. No.

No, because in the meantime I had an electrician install lights in my kitchen (and am now HORRIFIED by the state of the flooring), spent an entire weekend working on installing a ceiling fan in my living room, and continuing to get back on track with The Cooking Thing.

Back to the drawing board…

Cooksperimentation: waffled pizza

The original idea: cannot be found at this time. It was one of those “clickthrough” moments from my feed reader and I have NO idea where I originally found it. Basic idea: reheat your leftover pizza in the waffle iron.


The ingredients: leftover pizza (in this case, cheese pizza with no sauce), leftover spaghetti sauce, and the brick of mozz that really SHOULD be eaten, and soon.

The method: slice the mozz & put on the pizza with a  small spoonful of sauce. Then put on your waffle iron & wait on foodmagically magic to occur

The reality:


Wanna look again?


This is one of those “fail so good” things. The flavor was good, but the crust wasn’t fantastic. This “recipe” makes me want to go out and buy a new waffle maker? (This is a lie. I’ve wanted a new waffle maker for a while & can’t justify the extra expense when I rarely make waffles anyway). The fact that it makes me want to order a different pizza company’s greasy-thick deliciousness to see if I can improve? EVEN WORSE. I’m trying to wrap my brain around cooking at home more, not order out more!

Relevant https://youtu.be/8HOlXJ2EJxw

Problems with the site

I’d wanted to restart my Wordless Wednesdays posts.

I’d wanted to buy a camera and start posting PICTURE pictures.

Unfortunately. HOWEVERly. For whattheeffEVER reason, I cannot upload pictures from my phone to my blog, either using the WordPress Android App OR from the mobile site. NOR can I upload pictures directly from my phone to the blog.

Since I’m now a GrownUp with Real ™ 40-hour Work Week, I’m not really able to give troubleshooting the attention it deserves until the weekend.

HOPEFULLY, it will be an easy fix. (Although I doubt it…I’ve already tried the EASY fixes in one evening of BLARGEDYGNAR)


What’s it called when you don’t know what to cook?


The kitchen is full of food. Ingredients that cry out to be combined.

I want a big pot of vegetable soup bubbling merrily on the stovetop. A nice big hunk of chuck roast with roasted vegetables and gravy on the side. Pinto beans, cornbread, fried potatoes, and onion slices.

I am the only person in the house that eats such things, and I abhor leftovers after 2 days.

Sweet potato in the microwave, plain and shared with the two smallest dogs (who edge ever closer, but don’t dare try to sneak a bite from my hands) kills the hunger and interrupts this post for a few hours.

The next day is a weekend day; UNscheduled. There were IQF wings in the fridge, in water. Next to that were the beans I’d soaked. The beans were put in the crock pot too late to enjoy tonight, but will be magnificent tomorrow. The wings got tossed onto a sheet pan, plain. The rich scent of the chicken fills the house…

…and I’ve waited too long to eat, so long that I’m nauseous. And I don’t necessarily want to eat wings…but they’re ready. (Check that. They would be dog jerky if they were boneless. SIGH)


Depressed myself just WRITING that, sorry y’all.

Learning to fly again…

I need help around the house. There’s too much to do, and I want it all done RIGHTNOW (including replacing the flooring and buying all the furniture pieces I need). There’s so much to do that it’s overwhelming, and we all know what happens when I get overwhelmed…

I go to bed.
WITH my laptop.
And stay there.

(Re)Enter the Flylady. The first time around, I lasted for one day of email “reminders”. I made a Control Journal notebook, put it on the counter….and left it there.

Now I have a new house, new job, new furniture…. and new attitude. New realization that the previous system didn’t work.

Well, I take that back.

There really wasn’t a previous “system”. As long as the dishes were done, kids were fed, laundry in progress, and gross filth picked up? I didn’t stress about the rest.

That’s not going to work here and now. And I need a task list that’s going to work for a computer addict ….oh who am I kidding.

My name is Emily and I’m a voracious consumer of internet content.

But that’s not what we’re talking about. We’re talking about getting organized in a way that has a fighting chance of actually HAPPENING.

Enter: Flylady’s Cozi Calendar

I was already using a calendar app. I was already using a grocery list app. Cozi has both (see? decluttering already!) Now I have a todo list generated for me (still customizing it) and an appointment scheduled every day for 15 minutes of intense cleaning in one spot.

And I have that motivational reminder to slowthehelldown. Babysteps. It ALL does not have to be done RIGHTTHISSECOND. Baby steps. Having a chore chart helps. Knowing that the chore chart is a map through each room in the house helps. Being able to give the kids specific tasks helps.